Pet Care Services

Services & Rates

Pet-Sitting - ​$20 Iowa City, $25 Coralville & North Liberty. Due to inflation in 2022, we no longer service communities outside of those listed above. Location determines the final per visit fee.

​Our pet-sitting package provides care for your pets in the comfort of their home! Service includes feeding, fresh water, litter clean-up, and administering medication if necessary (oral only no injections). Contact us today to learn about our additional perks! 


Additional Services- Fees determined after review of services requested: 


Need to get your pet somewhere? We've got you covered! Fee is dependent on task and location. 

Overnight Care -  (10 PM - 6 AM and includes an additional visit) ​Limited Availability

A popular option for clients who prefer their pets aren't left alone overnight. 

Small Pet Boarding 

Perfect for owners of small animals who want more attention for their pet(s) while away. Small pet boarding excludes dogs and cats. 

Service Unlisted? 

Looking for another animal-related or house service? Contact us today, we may be able to assist!

Holidays & High Volume: Visits will be subject to holiday and high volume date fees which will be reflected in your invoice.