TJ helps Heidi as needed and offers pet care service to clients in the Iowa City area. TJ specializes in all pet care. 

Hi, I'm Heidi

​Pristine Pet Care LLC is insured to provide coverage and protection for your property and pet(s) while you are away.

References available upon request. 

Meet Us

owner and operator of Pristine Pet Care LLC. I'm glad you decided to stop by and get to know me better! I started Pristine Pet Care LLC in Iowa City, Iowa in 2013 to turn my passion for animals into my career after years of providing pet care for neighbors and friends as a child. 

My mom has plenty of stories that involve me rescuing bunnies, raccoons, birds, cats, and dogs as a kiddo. There was even a time I kidnapped my Grandpa's turkey, because, I thought I needed another pet! I was three.

I'm a free-spirit who has a vintage soul. I enjoy the outdoors, but only with a good stockpile of SPF! I'm a music enthusiast, fitness junkie, and avid lover of sweets.

My passion has always been animals and it's an honor to provide pet care services to families in the Iowa City area. When I'm not spoiling clients you can find me cuddling my rescue pooch Diesel or training my youngest puppy, Koda. I enjoy volunteering at local animal shelters and supporting animal welfare causes.

Beyond years of experience, I am certified in Pet First Aid, CPR, and Emergency Preparedness​. I also have a BA in Criminal Justice, an MBA, and experience with graduating dog obedience classes. 

Hi, I'm Diana

Diana assists Heidi as needed and offers pet care service to clients in the North Liberty/Tiffin/Coralville areas. Occasionally, she will fill-in when Heidi is unavailable for Iowa City clients. Diana specializes in cat care. 

Hi, I'm TJ